Flag + Void was and is a poetry journal published online by Logan Fry, Matthew Moore, and Caroline Gormley from 2012 to 2020. Flag + Void, in its original form, disappeared in June 2020, when the site was erased without notice. Its archive has been reconstructed here.


We desire a self-confident degree of alchemy.

We value density.

We back the materiality of language.

When in the field, language does gallop and snort.
Its rest need be fitful.
The poem that sleeps sleeps on its feet.

Language crafts its blueprint poem to poem.
There are no gold coins on the map; they must be forged by the poet.

To invent is to invent one’s construct, to stitch a flag from the void.

​Logan Fry + Matthew Moore + Caroline Gormley  |  editors

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