We have as of 9.21.15 reconfigured our editoral intent such that:

[1] you can expect a response within the week that you submit; perhaps much sooner; perhaps in hours. Unless your submission requires a greater number of affective hours of interaction than you receive a verdict by, this in no way presumes a lesser engagement with your submitted work than had the response taken months, years. We have in the past held work in limbo for a plural year. We regret this. And so: expect a response within a week. If we take longer than a week with your submission, it is because we have taken interest;

[2] re: length of submission, we decline quantification. We instead assert the qualitative. Send however much work you feel appropriate. This could be two pages; it could be twenty. This is not to say the range is two to twenty pages; it is not. There is no established range. We want to read the poems you want us to read, so send them. Send that number of them;

[3] if a poem becomes unavailable while under our review, withdraw it by means of a note added to your submission on Submittable;

[4] see ABOUT and Volumes ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE for style holistics; but, in brief-- 

On the tongue: [1] language feels irrevocable; [2] poems preface but can't assume meaning; [3] wait for surprise and dubiety; [4] reach adroitly forward, into void, and back, deep against forebears' hoisted flags;

[5] Flag + Void acquires first serial rights; upon publication, these rights revert back to you, the author. We ask that you acknowledge Flag + Void as the venue of original publication when the work appears in your book or is otherwise collected;

[6] the above read, SUBMIT HERE